Even Trump got blocked out of Twitter, what will happen with your connections if something similar happens to your profile?

2021–04–03; 2021–06–03 | Clubhouse discussion notes | English

Clubhouse room screenshot

🧠 Fundamentals

  • De attach from the outcome. If you are getting too focused on outcome only, prospects feel the breath of commission and they try to…

2021–03–03 | Clubhouse discussion notes | Armenian

💹 Platforms mentioned

PM findings #8: Thoughts about good and bad in Scrum; do you want your job posting to be for Scrum Master?

PM findings #6: Don’t take communication at work personally

Communication matters , but we shouldn’t take it personally at work

PM findings #5: Let’s talk about bugs and how we can manage them in Agile development

Are bugs always indicators of poor work quality of tech team?🪲

PM findings #4: Step-by-step exercises for product positioning and Sales deck structure, by April Dunford, “Obviously awesome” book

🎳 Product positioning importance and exercises suggested by April Dunford in her book “Obviously awesome”

PM findings #3: Sharing my list of questions for new projects and also talking about benefit of using document writing tool, comparing Slite and Confluence.

🥁 New project kick off phase and key questions to address

PM findings #2: Remote retrospective meetings, Pitch example for Shaping phase, Books subscription service 60 days free trial

Screenshot from MURAL LDJ Template by AJ&Smart

✨ Remote retrospective meeting format which worked for our team

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Co-Founder, CEO of socialcamp.app

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