Building your empire on Social media? Watch this risk.

Even Trump got blocked out of Twitter, what will happen with your connections if something similar happens to your profile?

Creator economy is booming, millions of people join the journey of creating content on various Social media profiles and do business based on that.

Not only creators, it is really hard to imagine any business, especially startups which do not put efforts on getting audience on Social media, find prospects, connections there.

Building personal brand, reaching investors, potential clients, having online shops on Instagram, yay!

This is all amazing!

Not being on Socials now almost means not to exist.

However, there is a a real risk here…

What will happen with your business and connections if one day Social platforms decide to block you out from their service or someone hacks your profile? How you will be able to re-connect with your connections? Unfortunately this risk is real and not that rear.

There is a risk, there should also be solutions…

OK, we’ve got the risk but how to mitigate those?

  1. First things first, make sure you use best security measures not to have your Social profile hacked. Recovery emails, 2 factor authentication, use any possible feature provided by the platform.
  2. Respect the rules. Each platform has its guidelines, respect them, try to play with the rules.
  3. Try to collect emails from your audience. Use Groups, Communities with subscription, try to collect their emails when joining your events, materials. So that you can have direct contact channel with them.
  4. Use easy tools to capture your important connections outside the Social platform. Emails are good, but our emails are so overkilled by spams and newsletters received, that open rate is getting lower. And also, you built your audience on Socials, which means they preferred that channel of communication.

One way to capture is to copy paste them in your Address book or spreadsheets. But that will take so much time and manual work. Here is where Socialcamp can help.

Socialcamp is an iOS application, which leverages Share option, to easily save your important Social media profiles in a structured manner without copy-pasting.

You can put tags for easy look up and some notes as well about your interaction.

Download the app

You can also request to download your information from the Platform. Networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, under Privacy section have option to claim to download all your account information stored by them.

Usually those provide options to download information in JSON or HTML. You can see below example file from Instagram information download.

Screenshot of Following JSON file from Instagram

We put so much effort on growing audience and build up connections. Social networks are essential part of building business.

Don’t underestimate the risks related to that. Be prepared 💪

Share if you know any other tools, tips which can help with this!

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